Technical Assistance

Hate Crimes Data

Hatred and intolerance threaten and divide our communities. Governments and civil society alike struggle to respond to and track increased incidents of hate crimes.

Data is necessary to understand, strategize, and collectively mobilize against hate. With data, we can combat these incidents and facilitate trust and collaboration between the community and law enforcement. To respond to this need, we developed HateTracker.

HateTracker is a secure web-based app to report hate incidents people experience or witness.


HateTracker works on any phone, any platform.


Data is private and encrypted according to the highest security standards.


Users can upload video or photo evidence of hate crimes.

HateTracker enables law enforcement, social justice organizations and the media to identify when, where and how hate incidents are being committed. It is easily customizable to address the needs of different communities, organizations, and languages. Get in touch today to talk about creating a customized version for your organization.

Early Warning System in Myanmar

The expansion of social media in Myanmar has led to an increase of rumors that propagate inter-communal violence. Our partner, the Center for Diversity and National Harmony (CDNH) has developed an Early Warning Early Response (EWER) system to monitor incidents — including rumors — associated with communal tensions.

JustPeace Labs, contributing to the BuildUp Fellowship program, built a custom app for EWER to enable their local network of community monitors to report and verify rumors related to communal tensions. In response to their reports, CDNH will verify or debunk rumors and provide those updates back to the local networks, who can in turn disseminate accurate information among their communities.